My name is Sergio Veros. I am a young producer on his way to become a better producer and DJ. In order to achieve that, I am travelling through Europe. I visit countries like Germany and the Netherlands again and again to collect more experience.

My journey started in my living room when I made a small show for my grandparents, while music was playing in the background. The music became more and more important for me so I started mixing with a small DJ controller. I began to invest all my time into searching and mixing music all day long. That was my first big contact to music…

As the years passed, I became more and more entangled and fascinated by what I was doing. I already knew all the producer sites in the web, but it was just fun for me. It never felt like real work.

At the age of fourteen, I was part of few small DJ contest. I came second in the main category and I even won the “teen category“.

Few months before I turned 15, I also tried myself in the biggest DJ contest of Germany the „German DJ Contest“. More than a 100 DJs from Germany, Austria and Switzerland took part in it. In the grand finale the crowd and the jury voted me to Germany’s best newcomer DJ. That was a big step for me. Following the victory, I gave a lot of interviews and held shows in clubs like the Vienna Prater Dome or the Bollwerk in Vienna and Graz. Furthermore, I also performed at festivals like the Danube Island Festival or the Vienna Spring Break.


2017 – founding #verosnation


2015 – First own Song


2013 – First act at Donauinselfest

2016 – Songproduction in the Netherlands


2014 – Winner of the German Dj Contests

Latest News!

Right now I’m working on a new style of music. I spend every day of my life trying to become a better producer and find new tricks in the web. That is also the reason why I travel through Europe. I collect new tricks in every country and city. In my music, I try to reflect all the emotions and feelings I experience.

With the help of Instagram, Facebook and YouTube I let my fans be a part of my way to become a better DJ and producer on a daily basis.